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Schneider Electric, Citect V7.20 Vijeo opportunity!


With the release of V7.20, Vijeo Citect™ software now provides you with an even more complete picture of your process than ever before.


This new Vijeo Citect software release can also help companies better meet their growing surveillance and remote monitoring and control requirements. The ability to closely monitor critical processes, high-value equipment and strategic production materials is now made easier by the capacity to integrate the video feed from Pelco™ cameras directly onto process displays.

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Introducing a biometric sensor!

Use the most trustworthy technology to overcome the weakness of existing systems, which do not guarantee 100%  reliable access control. This is the aim of the Harmony biometric switch.


Specialised and reliable technology:

  • Efficient protection against theft, copying, loss, lending and forgetfulness (as opposed to keys, badges, codes and passwors).
  • Possibility of cheating greatly reduced due to uniqueness of fingerprint.
  • Very low error and rejection rate for a high level of reliability.
  • Authentication perfected: registration managed by the administrator and usage by the operator.


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Introducing the new “Optimum miniature” sensors!

The new "Optimum miniature" sensors benefits:

  • Consumption halved;
  • Significant reduction in interference between sensors;
  • Output status LED on front face of thru – beam receiver to further improve ease of alignment when installing.;
  • Longest sensing distances on the market (up to 5 m. for reflex system, 15 m. for thru – beam system and 1 m. for diffuse system);
  • Good resistance to service environments (- 30 to + 60 operating temperature).

We recommend  the use of additional protection and restraint items. A robust metal fixing bracket, shaped to from a protective cover against mechanical stock, is available to complement the traditional fixing brackets.

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Smallest in the market frequency converter!

Technical specifications:

  • 0,1 – 599 Hz
  • Power 0,18 – 15 kW
  • Overload till 200%
  • Controls with asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • 3 analog ir 6 logic inputs
  • 1 analog ir 2 logic outputs
  • PTC gauge
  • Integrated Bluetooth®link
  • Integrated Modbus
  • Integrated filter C2EMC
  • Free software
  • Have  4 digital display and  possibility without additional elements connect to all „Schneider Electric“ frequency converter controllers.
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Schneider Electric launches its new Spacial SF and Spacial SM range of steel enclosures.

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management launches Spacial SF and Spacial SM, the new range of steel enclosures designed to adapt to any project.

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