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Schneider Electric, Citect V7.20 Vijeo opportunity!


With the release of V7.20, Vijeo Citect™ software now provides you with an even more complete picture of your process than ever before.


This new Vijeo Citect software release can also help companies better meet their growing surveillance and remote monitoring and control requirements. The ability to closely monitor critical processes, high-value equipment and strategic production materials is now made easier by the capacity to integrate the video feed from Pelco™ cameras directly onto process displays.

Tag extensions for richer information:

  • Alarm, Trend and Report server-side online changes
  • New templates, including resolutions to support widescreen LCD displays
  • Microsoft Windows 7support
  • System performance improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Runtime-only installation support
  • Seamless integration with Pelco cameras for effective security monitoring
  • New driver for tighter integration with Schneider Electric hardware via OFS
  • Process Analyst can now display Vijeo Historian data
  • Instantly trend any variable tag in Process Analyst
  • Reduced engineering by using metadata with graphics objects
  • Simpler super-genies






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