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Schneider Electric launches its new Spacial SF and Spacial SM range of steel enclosures.

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management launches Spacial SF and Spacial SM, the new range of steel enclosures designed to adapt to any project.

These versatile solutions are easy to install in all existing spaces and have been designed to reduce assembly time by up to 25%, while offering the most robust solution on the market.

This new range of enclosures is made up of the Spacial SF enclosure, a suitable floor-standing steel enclosure that offers the flexibility your project requires, and the Spacial SM, a compact floor-standing steel enclosure. A simple solution with excellent value for money, helping to boost the competitiveness of your projects.

Schneider Electric has also developed Spacial.pro an innovative configuration software that selects the right enclosure size depending on the devices to be installed and the appropriate accessories to improve mounting efficiency. This software helps panel builders, installers and OEMs speed up the configuration and ordering process.

Versatility is a must, as these new steel enclosures are designed to provide full modularity according to the needs of your application, no matter how complex. With Spacial SF you can combine doors and panels in any position and opening direction and have all kinds of configurations (U, T, L, etc.) making it easier to access the inside of the enclosure.

Both Spacial SF and Spacial SM, as well as the wide range of accessories available have been conceived to reduce your assembly time, with time savings of up to 25% compared with certain global competitors!

The quality and safety of our customers’ finished solutions are warranted by the robustness of these enclosures, another key element of the Spacial range. For example, the new Spacial SF enclosures can withstand loads of more than 1000 kg without deforming, which makes them the most robust solution on the market. Furthermore, they have IP 55 protection (dust and waterproof), IK 10 (high impact resistance) and meet the IEC 62208 international standard for empty low-voltage switchgear enclosures. Well-known international certification organisations, such as Bureau Veritas, UL, DNV and Germanischer Lloyd attest the quality of this range.

Today’s market trends put high demands on adaptability and speed in setting up and installing electrical panels. Spacial SF and SM have been designed to facilitate these tasks in the fields of industrial control and automation, electrical distribution and data/telecom infrastructure, therefore providing optimal performance in the following applications:

  • Industrial control and automation
  • Electrical distribution
  • Data / Telecom infrastructure activities





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