One of the best – The safety laser scanner RSL 400

 In Saugos įranga ir komponentai

The RSL 400 represents the latest generation of our safety laser scanners. Our decades of experience have resulted in a development that is technologically unique and features impressive performance, robustness and many clever functions.

Thanks to its high angular resolution, the RSL 400 is very adept at filtering objects that are not safety-relevant, such as dust and particles in the air. This reduces unnecessary switching off.

With the RSL 400, the entire transmitter/receiver system rotates. This means an extremely narrow and even laser spot is created over the entire scanning range, which provides the basis for the high angular resolution of 0.1 degree (3x higher sampling compared to conventional scanners).

Removable connection unit and fast device exchange

The connection unit of the RSL 400 is removable and can be mounted separately. The scanning head thus remains protected and can simply be attached afterwards.

It takes less than 30 seconds to swap out the scanner: turn two screws by 90° and replace the scanner head. Without realignment, readjusting and configuration effort, as the configuration memory is integrated in the connection unit.

Three communication options

Suitable access is always guaranteed with three means of communication for configuration and diagnosis. In addition, all RSL 400 models are already network-capable thanks to the standard Ethernet-TCP/IP interface, e.g. for diagnosis via central access points.

  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • USB (from RSL 420)
  • Bluetooth

Integrated display

The large characters on the integrated display are easily visible even from a distance. Various functions and messages are thereby always in view.

  • The built-in electronic spirit level allows for quick alignment of the device
  • Output of messages and details on protective field violations
  • Call up the signature (CRC checksum) without PC

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