Phoenix Contact technologies for your business success in the IoT world

 In Automatikos technologijos, Pramoniniai valdymo komponentai

The combination of open control platform, modular engineering software and systemic cloud integration makes your company fit for the future of automation. With this solution, Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive and coordinated automation system suitable for practically all industrial fields of application. Maximum openness and flexibility, simple adaptation to changing requirements, efficient use of existing and future software services and future and investment security are just some of the advantages of this solution. PLCnext Technology, PC Worx Engineer, and Proficloud – three guarantees for your business success in the IoT world.

PC Worx Engineer – Open to individuality, succeed more rapidly

Automation solutions need to be put into operation faster to shorten development times and to adjust production processes more quickly. Software is the key to success here. The new PC Worx Engineer modular software platform unifies all automation engineering tasks in one complete system.

The basic version of the software is free. Thanks to further add-in functions, you can create an individually tailored solution to suit your application.

PLCnext Technology – Open to variety, succeed through flexibility

PLCnext Technology forms the basis of the new, open control platform from Phoenix Contact. This solution offers a unique combination of all communication characteristics and advantages of the classic PLC world with the openness and flexibility of smart devices.

PLCnext Technology allows developers from various corporate areas, technology disciplines and generations to work in parallel with and yet independently of each other on one automation application – in the programming environment they are accustomed to.

PROFICLOUD – Open to the world, succeed securely

With Proficloud, Phoenix Contact offers you consistently professional cloud solutions for automation, tailored to your needs – from cloud devices, to the right platform, right through to cloud services.

Professional cloud solutions enable the creation of flexible, optimized processes and the integration of third-party applications such as apps and digital services. Take advantage of the enormous potential and freedom presented by industrial cloud computing and develop future-oriented business ideas for the digital age based on Proficloud.

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